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Hex Head Nut 1/2x12TPI 5.6 BSW

Hex nuts are one of the most common nuts available and are used with anchors, bolts, screws, studs, threaded rods and on any other fastener that has machine screw threads. Hex is short for hexagon, which means they have six sides.A Hex Nut is a type of fastener with a threaded hole. Nuts are almost always used in conjunction with a mating screw, anchor, bolt, stud, threaded rod, or any other object with machine thread to fasten multiple parts together. The two partners are kept together by a combination of their threads’ friction (with slight elastic deformation), a slight stretching of the bolt or screw, and compression of the parts to be held together. Hex is short for hexagon, which means they have six sides.nIn applications where vibration or rotation may work a nut loose, various locking mechanisms may be employed such as lock washers, stover nuts, lock nuts and nyloc nuts.nSpecialised adhesive thread-locking fluid, split pins or lockwire in conjunction with castle nuts.

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