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Hex Head Set Screws 1/4×11/4 Brass BSW

A hex set screw and nut has uniform threads ? meaning they are not tapered like the thread on wood screws ? and can be used to fasten objects together by inserting the screw from the one end and securing it with the nut on the other end. It can be used to secure wood to wood, metal to metal, metal to wood as well as wood to metal.nThe hex set screw and nut keep objects together by means of friction and takes place when the nut is tightened, thus compressing everything together. To tighten the nut requires a tool of some sort, like a socket and wrench or a spanner.nIn some cases, while tightening the nut, the bolt will turn along with it. If this happens it would require a second spanner or wrench to hold-on to the bolt while the nut is tightened at the other end.n

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Brass fasteners are used for their physical and aesthetic properties. Brass is utilized due to its high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistant properties, it is suitable for use in hot and cold environments, and resistant to water corrosion, making it a staple of industries such as heating and plumbing. Brass fasteners are largely non-magnetic (like any fastener, slight magnetic properties can develop during the manufacturing process) and resistant to tarnishing.nBrass fasteners are suited for marine environments, including brackish water and slow current sea water Brass in this environment develops a protective green coating. Brass fasteners are also commonly used with wood applications, as the golden colouring blends well with the tan wood. Brass is a softer metal and must be used with care, always drilling pilot holes and using driver bits that fit the head of the screw precisely to prevent stripping. nUsed mostly in decorative and electrical applications. Exact colour varies.n







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